Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Death of Epic Raiding?

For background:

Blizzard's Announcement of Raid Changes Personalities' Reactions to Blizzard's Raid Changes

I find myself siding very strongly with those who support the proposed changes. Most of the arguments held by the detractors don't really resonate with me.

My feelings generally boil down this way:

  1. I've run both 10s and 25s. I like the personal responsibility that 10s put on every player. I like the fact that in 10s there is more likely going to be a need for a player to act outside of his normal niche. I like the bigger feel of the 25s. I ran a ToC10 after having done 25s for 3 months, and the 10 man felt empty. I like the fact that there's more of a cushion in 25s - you can mess up and there's enough room for someone to pick up the slack.
  2. Ever since I've started raiding, I've been undergeared. I've never had a full set of max iLevel gear. The current state of raiding seems to impose the expectation that unless you're at a full set of max iLevel gear, you should be running 10s to supplement your gearing. In other words, you can't expect to get yourself geared up from the content you're running. That just doesn't make sense to me.
  3. I'd like to raid two nights a week. I don't want to have 25-man progression 3 nights a week and 10-mans of the same content another 2 or 3 nights a week. If I really like the content, I'll raid with an alt. I spent most of the second half of 2009 focused on one character. I like splitting my time more. Four or five or six nights a week raiding with the same character is not splitting my time the way I'd like it split.
  4. Almost every 25-man raider I've seen has alts. Sometimes, many alts. If they want to raid six nights a week, they can.
  5. If people are running 25s simply for the gear, this will give them a reason not to. It'll allow raid leaders to figure out who wants to dedicate themselves to the challenge of conquering 25-man content versus who just wants the 25-man gearscore. Hopefully this will improve the morale of the raids and make being the raid leader for a 25-man raid less stressful.
  6. There's still going to be titles and achievements for 25 man accomplishments. People will still know that successful 25 man guilds are successful at running 25mans, and those guilds will still be better geared than 10 man guilds because of the increased loot drop rate.
  7. At this point, if I had to choose my poison and there were no external constraints (family, raid start times, computer graphics issues), I'd choose 25s. As I said, there are situations where the 10s feel empty. The 25s require more coordination and more precise execution, but there are more outs and more ways to recover from mistakes.
  8. At this point, if I had to choose my poison and I had to take external considerations into account, I'd go with 10s. Ten people can more easily accommodate my schedule. Ten people don't hammer my graphics card quite as badly.
The bottom line is that I'd like to be able to work with a competent 25-man guild doing 25-man content without necessarily investing five or six days a week in being able to contribute at a high level.

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